How AdsYeah! works is a digital platform for creating print ads, and negotiating spaces in Newspapers and Magazines.

Initially intended for Micro, Small and Medium enterprises - PMEs, the site had its services expanded, becoming today, a complete tool where anyone can professionally create advertising pieces to promote and disseminate an idea, brand, product and service.

The has thousands of templates easily available for creation and assembling of advertisements, posters and stationery for printing in high definition.

In addition to being an advertising editor, AdsYeah! also allows the negotiation of spaces for advertisement placements in newspapers and partner magazines.

Creating ads using

With everyone can have access to quality advertising. When using templates, in a few minutes, anyone can insert titles, texts, prices, promotions, photos, images and logos to create a new advertising in high quality, even if you have very little communication knowledge and computer skills.

To access AdsYeah! is quite simple. Create your personal account by entering only your name, email and password. A more detailed registration is only necessary for those who want to negotiate space for for advertisement placements in newspapers and partner magazines.

Then select the "newspaper" or "Magazine" partner in which you want to have your advertise placed.

Then a new page will appear for you to choose the country, followed by a box for you to choose the the name of the newspaper or magazine in which you want to place your ad.

If you already have a promotional code negotiated and emailed to your e-mail through the Journal or Partner magazine, you will be conducted directly to the format page for that vehicle within AdsYeah!.

Note that each partner journal and magazine chooses and makes available the formats they wish to offer on AdsYeah!.

Then choose the format and ad dimensions (1 page, ½ page, boxes, footnotes ...).

They are presented with their dimensions and also their respective table values ​​registered at the plataform, and accordingly to the newspaper and magazine partners' information available. (If you received your partner's promotional code, the negotiated discount amount will appear only at the space negotiation stage, which appears after the ad art is created.)

In sequence, a series of pre made templates, called by us just “templates”, will appear.

Choose from a variety of layouts, whichever serves you the best, accordingly to your need. And from then on, just complete the template with text and images that you want to insert. After you finish the template with your information (texts, prices, payment terms, photographs, logos) and give the final "ok" to "complete file".

If you wish to publish it, choose the dates on calendar for the publication in the calendar and see the cost(s). If you have entered a promotional code, your negotiated discount will appear, and the total amount negotiated.

Once you hit ok, the system will take you to the payment page. After you complete the payment, your file will be automatically sent to the newspaper or the Magazine chosen by you.

You will also receive an e-mail (registered on your registration page on our website) containing 1 (one) low resolution copy of the advertisement created by you.

After your payment has been confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with the service invoice.

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