Common questions

Learn about some common questions from our customers

The final files delivered by ADSYEAH are JPEG and PDF files, locked up and ready to be sent for printing.

Not yet. For customers’ safety, it’s to your advantage that first, the file must be received by you via email or downloaded to your computer. Then the client sends from his computer the file to the media vehicle of their choice.

Yes. Every image can be used/inserted in templates, provided you have the minimum quality and technical resolution necessary for the desired purpose.

ADSYEAH is prepared to receive only quality images to best serve you. This control is performed automatically filtering the images when "imported"/uploaded to the system during the editing/creating phase. So, there is a slight chance that an image can be denied by the system during the upload for not fulfilling sufficient quality specifications.

No. The system does not accept that the images used on the "templates" be utilized, because they are there for proportion, location and space size indication purposes. These images do not have the minimum resolution necessary to be used by the editing system. This also contributes to make sure that every piece created within ADSYEAH site is unique, just like your advertising should be.

Each template is established in technical, graphic and aesthetic standards by renowned professionals of the design and advertising area. Therefore, each template has its own parameters that must be respected. Because of that, templates have a different number of fonts available. We believe this position displays an aesthetic care for each template. It also shows respect for you the customer, since it guarantees that your final advertising piece will have harmony and quality design.

The site is prepared to filter the images to be inserted in the templates. Thus, if an image to be inserted does not have the minimum size required for the desired service, the site itself is prepared to reject the inadequate image, warn that the image does not have the minimum requirements, and indicate in each case the minimum numerical value to be inserted. In this case, the user can check on the "DPI's Converter" tool, which is located within the "Image Editing" page and make the necessary conversion from 72 to 300 DPI, taking into account that there will always be a change in image size.

In addition to access to a short inner course and to the Video Lessons, each page of ADSYEAH has a tutorial easily reachable via a tab on the screen’s upper right side, where, step by step, the necessary information for understanding the process can guide you through the system.

Yes. The customer must be registered on the site, have a login and password. Please note there is a 5 days limit for leaving the work on the site free of charge

No. The site does not require previous knowledge in the area. It is ready to assist you, requiring only the basic information, as the measurements, in centimeters (cm), size characteristics and the quality of digital image files to be entered by you in your ads.

Yes, you can use the templates as you wish to suit your needs, as long as you follow the basics templates characteristics and respect the specific law regarding your advertising market.