Privacy Policy


This document is part of a set of actions that 55 DIGITAL established for the purpose of preserving the right to secrecy of identity of customers/users of

This privacy and data security policy of the contains guidelines and information pertinent to how Cinco Cinco Web handles and protects the information registered by users, and 55 DIGITAL responsibility for the custody, protection and disclosure of such information which shall be governed by the conditions below.


“Web User” refers to all those who somehow access as clients or not.
“Client” refers to all people who use the products and/or services offered by, paid or not.
Individual identification refers to all people who register on this site and receive an individual and exclusive identification.

Cookie is a text file sent by the server to the web user’s computer to identify the computer, customize the access and obtain data from access such as browsed pages or links clicked. A cookie is assigned to each computer individually; it cannot be used to run programs or infect computers with viruses, trojans, etc, and can be read only by the server that sent it.

Individual identification shall mean all information that is not available to the general public and is assigned in a personalized manner to a particular customer/user. Data relating to contact details and billing data are examples of individual identification.

Encryption is the name given to the process of encoding information. The information is encrypted (scrambled) at the point of origin and decoded at the target point, therefore, making it difficult to be deciphered while in transit on the internet.


Collect on its site only the individual identification information necessary for the viability of their businesses and the provision of services requested by its clients/users;

Request authorization to send information and promotional material to the electronic mail of users registered on its website;

Enable the cancellation of authorization provided earlier to send of informative and promotional material;

Use cookies only to control the audience of and the navigation to its portal. Cookies will not be used to control or use the personal data of the user, except when this disregards any rules or exercises any activity that is detrimental to the proper functioning of the, as for example, attempts to hack or invade the site;

Comply strictly with all the provisions of this privacy and data security policy.


Data capture

Depending on the action taken, on registering, browsing, purchasing or requesting services from, individual identification information will be requested from the client;

  • Name or nickname;
  • Email to receive the service, correspondence or communication;
  • Password for access;
  • Client preferences;
  • Opinions of Internet users;
  • Internet access (example: date and time of access);
  • Profile of user access (example: links clicked, pages visited).

Use of data

The information captured through the site is used for the purpose of:

  • Allowing internet users to browse or perform the operations available on the site;
  • Facilitating the provision of requested services on the site;
  • Identifying the profile, desires or needs of internet users to improve the services offered by the company;
  • Generating generic statistics;
  • Sending information about services to its customers;
  • Divulging changes, innovations and promotions regarding products and services of

Disclosure of data does not provide individual identification data of internet users to third parties without prior consent except the cases where:

There is judicial determination for provision of data;

The viability of the business or services offered by depends on transfer/ceding of data to partners or affiliated companies in which case only information that is strictly necessary will be passed on;

There is a need to identify or disclose user data using the website for illicit purposes (intentionally or not). will not be responsible for losses that may arise from disclosure of such information for the reasons listed above, or for breach of internet security barriers by third parties as “hackers” or “crackers”;

In addition to the abovementioned cases and where there is a need or interest to pass on personal identification data of users to third parties, will ask for prior authorization. Non-identifying information (such as demographic) can be passed on to advertisers, vendors, sponsors and partners with the aim of improving the quality of the products and services offered by

Third parties that may receive information of any kind on internet users who access, will also be responsible for ensuring the confidentiality and security of such information.

Privacy Guarantee

You can access web sites and portals of other companies from However, each of these companies has their own policies to ensure secrecy and data protection. Therefore, we stress that this policy applies only to and access to information regarding policies for preservation and protection in force in the other web sites is the responsibility of the internet user. strives expressively to provide security and confidentiality of information that it captures. However, to ensure that the measures adopted are effective, each internet user also needs to adopt responsible attitude by taking care of your individual identification data whenever you access the internet, providing them only in operations where there is data protection, never disclosing your user ID and always disconnecting from as soon as you stop using it, especially if you share a computer with another person(s).


When sending newsletters and advertising messages by email, will always include a cancellation option for that type of message. Nevertheless, puts at the disposal of its users, a tool to manage messages and they may request, at any time, the cancellation of messages.

Messages sent in HTML format can contain codes that enable you to customize messages according to the individual preferences of the user registered at and compile reports on the visualization of messages, the number of times the email was opened and the number of clicks made on the message. This information is used generically and is added to reports regarding sending messages. Such reports may be passed on to advertisers, as statistical indicators of the effectiveness of campaigns, without revealing personal information of users.

In no event will disclose this individual data, i.e. there will be no user ID, access to emails or reading habits. Although collectively, the data may be used only for the purposes specified in this privacy policy.


Data protection

In some parts of the site individual identifying information is collected and/or statistics (name, email and password, etc.) required for navigation or use of the services available. As a measure of protection, the individual identifying information and/or statistics collected by the will be subjected to a process of encryption on all pages of data collection and in the secure areas of the site where a user and password are requested. Such a process is certified by VeriSign, a leading certification authority of web servers, ensuring secure communications and transactions.

Identifiable information collected by the is handled only by authorized personnel.

Operations performed at by a user as well as the information associated with these operations are exclusive and can only be accessed by this user.

User ID

To register on for purchase of services (paid or not) offered on the site, each user receives a unique ID which is required for all other authenticated access to the site. This ID, for legal purposes, serves as a signature of agreement to any proposal held on that site.

The user ID is exclusive, non-transferable and encrypted to be transmitted to the server, and the password is stored in the database in an irreversibly encrypted form. may confirm the personal data informed by the client/user by querying public agencies, specialized companies, restrictive or central registrations. The information that obtains from these entities will be treated confidentially.

Without prejudice to the previous item, the client/user guarantees and is responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data, and undertakes to keep them duly updated. does not assume any responsibility in the case of insertion of false data or inaccuracy of the personal data entered by other customers/users.

CHANGES IN POLICY may change this privacy and data security policy at any time, regardless of any previous communication. Any change to this privacy and data security policy will be conveyed in this space. Therefore, we request the periodic reading of this policy to maintain awareness of how collects, treats and protects your information.


If there are any questions or suggestions regarding this privacy and data security policy, write to: If you notice that this privacy and data security policy is not being fulfilled, the noncompliance detected should be pointed out to the responsible party at the address:


The client/user expressly accepts the terms and conditions listed in the Terms of Use, which is annexed herein for reference.